Stream of consciousness

  1. What we hardly notice

    I watch the sky from my windows and I witnessed how the dark, big and floppy clouds slowly cover it. The sun’s light slowly fades indicating that it would eventually turn into night. I watch the trees as they dance and listen to the harmony that the birds produce. I noticed how time runs fast and we don’t realize that we’ve been wasting our time in doing things that doesn’t really make us happy. I’ve been watching this phenomenon for the past 2 weeks and as it turn dark, I always feel relieved.

    Most of us doesn’t really notice the wonders of nature; the sunrise, the sunset, the breeze of the wind and other events that is happening in our daily lives. We’ve been busy studying and working hard thinking that in the future that our hard work will be paid and will be satisfied afterwards. We’ve been enjoying the city life and forest and other places where destroyed for the building of new houses. We forget to walk  , look and enjoy our environment. We also use the technologies too much that it came to the point that we are losing “human touch” with others because we prefer to communicate and share ourselves online. It’s not that bad to be an innovative country but we must keep to preserve nature because no matter what happens, we get our resources there. 

    I remember my grandma’s stories about their daily living without electricity and all they have are lamps. Cellular phones where never famous during those times and people have more time interacting face-to-face. There were few vehicles that is why they would rather walk to work or to school. There were also not television and the radios were lately developed that is why they depend on much on observing the environment. Houses are mostly made of wood and by cement. My grandma describe’s there lives as simple but lived well.  She said, “We don’t need to always updated with the latest technologies because that is not living is all about. Life is not having what you want but you make the most what you only have and bee happy and contented with that.”

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